Véronique Bourgoin designs two installation : Act I and Act II.
‘Vrai ou Faux ?’ act I is like a ‘trompe l’œil’, recreating private
lounges. In this intimate space she shows historical archives of True
and False. These archives mixe as well works from contemporary
artists as anonymous or historical documents from private collections
or collected trough the media (Internet, Press, ect.). The
installation plays with the space and questions True and False and
gives representions through varied and original visions, artistic
commitments, constructions or ‘deconstructions’ of the history. Each
exhibition is and will be an original installation using the same
concept, presenting new lounges, possibly with other artists and
works according to the country where the exhibition takes place. A
wall of televisions set, wich mixe as well art video, big hollywood
productions, as films serie B, stands up behind a collection of
clipping about the subject. An installation like pshycho visions and
zapping informations from the mass media.
‘Vrai ou Faux ?’ act I created like a «cabinet of curiosities», shows
archives and photographies around the theme of True and False. This
archives is mixing as well works of the artists associed to the
workshops as anonymous or historical pictures from media, Internet or
collections. This installation makes resound currents events and its
echo in art.