This publication is both the testimony of an artistic reflection on a current issue in Europe and an original object that is designed as an artist’s book. It is in French and English, with a print run of 1000 copies. In its three volumes it groups together the images and documentation collected on the subject of ‘True or False?’.
‘True or False? Act 1’ presents documentation on the installations that mix the work of chosen European artists with archives collected from the media, Internet or private sources, on the theme of what is true or false.
‘True or False? Act 2’ is a selection of images taken by the artists participating in the workshops, along with chosen documents from the media, press cuttings, the Internet or anonymous sources.
‘True or False? Rehearsal’ is an art book, the result of the Maison Populaire/Atelier Reflexe workshops.
The diaporama CD is an audio and animated panorama of the project. It juxtaposes the work of European artists - confirmed and emerging – with images from archives that punctuate a musical creation.